New courses in Beauville, France and Benfeita, Portugal. June and August 2022

So far for this year we have four courses scheduled – one in Beauville at a generously lent and rather wonderful studio just outside our village, and three at our new studios in Portugal. All the details and booking information can be found on the main website here .

After the most horrible two years for all of us and when all my
workshops were cancelled I am so very happy and excited to be teaching
textiles again!

As an artist my teaching informs my practice and vice versa, both are
intertwined and I really look forward to meeting and working with like
minded textile enthusiasts… now I am back in my element working
with people and really looking forward to this Summer.
Texatelier is offering a broad variety of courses all based around
surface pattern (the colouring and patterning of cloth and paper) and
we hope there will be something for everyone, whether it is fabric
collage, blockprinting, handpainting, natural dyeing with plant
colour, eco printing or indigo with shibori.

If you are interested to join us and are coming from abroad with need
of accomodation we can put you in touch with a variety of very
friendly and reasonably priced Air B&B’s, close to our studio in
Benfeita in Portugal.
It is a beautiful part of the country in the foothills of the Serra do
Acors. There is so much to see here with fabulous walks, cycling
possibilities and wild river swimming, combined with the enjoyment of
immersing yourself in exciting experimental textiles too.What could be
more fun?

Hoping to meet and work with you this Summer.
Let’s make it a good one and hope to see you soon.

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