More Compost/Less Agri-Chems

hot berkley compost pile

Another demonstration of 1 cubic meter of fast compost (30 days then ready for application)

I am encouraging these to be built everywhere as free-standing, readily available soil nutrition. The farmers are being taught to make them, and the take-up for the training is most frequently the women, who make them fast – 2 hours tops.

This is a ‘direct-action, lightening-strike’ intervention that has captured the imagination … compost can do that!


In some of the villages and farming communities that I am working with, we have constructed 6, three ‘tank’ , deep compost-pits from block work.  Each chamber will hold upto 1,000L of finished compost – but compost that is a year in the making and maturing.

With the two types of compost generation we will be able to sustain huge annual land coverage and soil-building.

They call me ‘Compost-Man’ – I say fine …. but shouldn’t that be MR. Compost-Man?

Soil-regeneration by compost = Greater fertility, Higher yields, Decreased plant disease, Enhanced water-retention, Erosion eradication and Pollution abrogation … Where’s the down-side?

The Field-School Trainings continue: NPK ….

It’s all very well to get farmers, who didn’t really know how in the first place, to make all-organic general compost from the ‘wastes’ of their harvests and land clearing …. but to to transfer the fine-tunings of NPK, (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium), took some very complex translation into Fra-Fra and, as such … one hell of a long afternoon!

Sean and Asuah

Needed – heritage seeds

I am struggling to plant up in the organic demonstration gardens in our Ghana P.O.V.I. Initiative –  because …..

We can not gain easy access to heritage seed – we can find treated, hybrid, GMO anything and I can grow it organically but it won’t be ‘organic’ produce!

I am appealing to all and any who might have some supplies to help us out – ideally, of course, I need a West African source as the mailing and importation issues are somewhat of a challenge.

We are interested in growing any variety of the following crops: Tomato, carrot, chili pepper, okra and cabbage.


Farmer Field school – Novrongo

Ad-lib dance to the Compost – in Novrongo – Upper east region – Ghana. October 2016.

The first field school training for local farmers in our attempt to lure them towards sustainable organic farming experimentation and away from costly dependency on chemical fertilizers.

Since I arrived in September the progress is that:

I have made five site visits in the field, supervised two composting station layouts and the initial construction of one, visited and observed/recorded our two demonstration Farm/Garden sites and started all the planning and educational materials for the now defined and ‘plotted’ : Procom Organic Vegetable Initiative (P.O.V.I.)

I have also visited old friends at the basket-makers co-operative and gotten dragged into building cobbed rocket-stove cookers in one nearby village.

Thanks to the support from you all