Tony Baker’s contribution

Walking the dog, I spend most of my time looking at my feet. Today I noticed the blossom (which was not at my feet) and a daisy.

There’s something about a singular item that always draws my attention, as well as the incongruity of human debris, something that is on the decline in these current times – thankfully for the planet. 

Tex Hunt’s contribution

I remember taking this picture when I came by to visit last month – it was a lunch date, before the “lock-down”, I came with the kids, we had grilled sardines and the boy’s spent most of their time chastising your new chickens! x Tex

Spring Qdr @ Portugal 2020

For Kim and Martine Happy Birthdays!

Black Locust

Spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, I wonder where the boidies is?
The boidies they is on the wing; but that’s absoid; the wings is on the boid!